જવાના આગામી પેરાક બોબર કેવા બનવા જઈ રહ્યાં છે? – ઝિગવિલ.કોમ

Translating… The Perak will get a larger engine than the current Jawas. Being a bobber, it also has a different sub-frame and rear suspension. It could be the first BS6-compliant Jawa in India. After all the hiccups along the way, Jawa is all set to launch its Perak bobber next week. So let’s take a […]

ગૂગલ ક્રોમ માટે ભારે ‘એડ બ્લોકર’ વિકસાવી રહ્યું છે; અહીં તે શું લક્ષ્ય બનાવવાની યોજના ધરાવે છે – ન્યૂઝ 18

Translating… Google will target ads that mine cryptocurrency or perform expensive operations in javascript, such as decoding video files, or CPU timing attacks. google chrome ad block (Image for Representation) (Source: Cliqz) Back in the second week of July, it was reported by various news websites that Google is planning to enable Chrome’s built-in ad […]

કન્નડ એક્ટર યજ્ag શેટ્ટી એન્ટરપ્રેન્યોર સંદીપ શેટ્ટી સાથે લગ્ન કર્યા – ન્યૂઝ 18

Translating… Wishing them a very happy married life, Rishab Shetty shared some beautiful inside pictures from the wedding ceremony. Check them out below. Yagna Shetty, Sandeep Shetty marriage pics Yagna Shetty and Sandeep Shetty tied the knot in a grand ceremony. The two actors exchanged their wedding vows in the presence of family and friends […]

ટ્રાઇએ સંપૂર્ણ સુસંગત auditડિટ શાસન – મનીકોન્ટ્રોલને સુનિશ્ચિત કરવા માટે સુધારેલા પ્રસારણ નિયમનને બહાર પાડ્યું

Translating… The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on October 30 released the amended broadcasting and cable services interconnection regulations to ensure a fully-compliant audit regime. During the consultation undertaken to prepare the audit manual certain comments and observations reflected some issues in the Schedule III of the Interconnection Regulations 2017, TRAI said in a statement. Accordingly, […]

હવે, એફબી પરનું એક સાધન જે વપરાશકર્તાઓને આરોગ્ય તપાસણી રીમાઇન્ડર સેટ કરવા દેશે – એક્સચેંજ 4 મીડિયા

Translating… Facebook has launched a tool that will send health check-up reminders to its users, media reports said. The tool, Preventive Health, will help Facebook users to locate affordable healthcare facilities, set reminders for tests and mark once these have been completed. The tool was first launched in the US. In a recent blog post, […]

રિલાયન્સ જિઓએ દેવાથી છૂટકારો મેળવ્યો હોઈ શકે, પરંતુ મૂડી ભારે રહે છે – લાઇવમિન્ટ

રિલાયન્સ જિઓએ દેવાથી છૂટકારો મેળવ્યો હોઈ શકે, પરંતુ મૂડી ભારે રહે છે – લાઇવમિન્ટ

Translating… Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) said it will take over debt worth ₹1.08 trillion from its telecom subsidiary, in exchange for an equity investment of the same amount. The investment in Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd will come through the newly created subsidiary of the parent company, which will reportedly be called Jio Platforms Ltd. For […]

કેટરિના કૈફ અને વિકી કૌશલ એક સાથે દિવાળીની પાર્ટીમાં જોડાયા, અને અફવાઓ ફેલાવી દીધી. જુઓ વાયરલ વિડિઓ – હિન્દુસ્તાન ટાઇમ્સ

Translating… A video gone viral shows Bollywood stars Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal coming out of a mutual friend’s Diwali party together. Although the two actors emerged from the party together, they eventually left in their cars, reports timesofindia.com. They did a brief photo-op for waiting lenspersons and media crew before going their ways. Also […]

લોહી પાતળું લેનારા લોકો ઓટીસી મેડ્સ – રોઇટર્સ ઇન્ડિયા સાથે ભળીને જોખમનું જોખમ લઈ શકે છે

Translating… (Reuters Health) – People taking blood-thinning medications often use over-the-counter (OTC) medicines with the potential to cause dangerous internal bleeding, a recent study suggests. The study focused on 791 patients prescribed apixaban, one of several newer blood thinners known as NOACs (non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants) that are recommended to prevent stroke in people […]

નબળા ચાઇના ડેટા પર ઓઇલના સૂચનો, જેમ કે ટ્રમ્પ વાત કરે છે ઝડપી વેપાર ડીલ – રોકાણ.કોમ

Translating… © Reuters. Investing.com – It’s China data again that’s undermining oil, even as China-U.S. negotiations seem to be giving the market hope for a trade deal. West Texas Intermediate, the benchmark for New York-traded crude, and London’s Brent, the global gauge for oil, ended lower for the first time in five days on Monday […]

નવી તકનીક કોઈપણ સાંદ્રતાના સ્તરે હવામાં કાર્બન ડાયોક્સાઇડને દૂર કરે છે: અભ્યાસ – દૈનિક એક્સેલસિયર

Translating… BOSTON, Oct 28:Researchers have developed a new technology to capture carbon dioxide from a stream of air—virtually at any concentration level—an advance that may pave the way for new strategies to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas levels. The researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US said that while most methods of […]